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Whether you are looking to soundproof a cinema room, or trying to block out the noise from your neighbours or the busy street outside, at Latten Building Projects Ltd in Hertfordshire and Essex we can soundproof any room in your property.

Soundproofing is most commonly used in recording studios in order to make sure that no outside noise interferes with the recording process. The only problem is that most homes do not have a recording studio! However, more and more properties in Hertfordshire, Essex and the rest of the UK are having rooms designed with a variety of soundproofing needs such as cinema rooms, games rooms and children’s playrooms.

More often than not you need to soundproof a room in order to keep external sound from penetrating the walls and distracting you from your current activity. This is particularly useful if you have a cinema room or a workshop where any external noise could divert you from the task you are completing.

On the other hand, you can also soundproof a room in order to make sure that no sound escapes that room! This is particularly useful if you have a noisy hobby such as DIY or playing an instrument. Rather than being known as the ‘noisy neighbours’, why not soundproof a room in your house so that you aren’t disturbing the homes around you.

To soundproof a room there are a few things that are required. First of all, it is not always possible to fully soundproof a domestic property, however, you can at the very least minimise the amount of sound that escapes your home.


Preferably, the room that is being soundproofed will not require any daylight coming in, and any windows that are already there can be blocked and bordered up during the soundproofing process.

If you do require sunlight coming into the room then the window must be installed so as to be completely sealed, and it should also be triple glazed. It is far more effective if one of these layers is laminated glass, and if the glass is of varied thickness and staggered at intervals.


The walls of the room should be the first aspect of the property that is soundproofed. This can be particularly difficult in a modern building where there are cavity walls and walls built from lightweight materials. For the most efficient results, it is best to have independent soundproof stud walls installed in your property in Hertfordshire or Essex.


Similar to your walls, the best way in which to soundproof your ceiling is to install a new suspended ceiling. However, this is only possible when there is enough existing ceiling space to incorporate the suspended ceiling. Moreover, if the room that you are soundproofing is above another room, the ceiling of the lower room will need to be soundproofed as well.


As stated in the ceilings section, if the room that is being soundproofed is on the first floor or above, the ceiling of the room below should be insulated first. Once this has been completed, acoustic mineral wool can be installed between the joints, before a floating floor can be incorporated.


Standard domestic doors are very lightweight, ill-fitting and, therefore, poor sound insulators. The best way to soundproof a door is to replace the current door with a heavy duty fire door. This type of door can also be fitted with the frame so as to be airtight when closed. It is always best to use door handle or lock that does not leave a hole in the door.

If you have a room that needs soundproofing, then look no further than Latten Building Projects Ltd in Hertfordshire and Essex. Give us a call on 07973714098 to see what we can do for you.

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