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Keeping things in good repair and order is essential in prolonging their life. This is no less true of places we work or live in.

We are happy to diagnose and advise on problems but also help prevent them in the first place i.e. regular cleaning of gutters and maintaining paintwork etc. can prevent costly repairs later. It is not just maintenance that is important.

Often as circumstances change some alterations may be required or improvements made to both home and garden. There are many new products and ideas that can improve our lives and make things more comfortable.

Once we have carried out work for a client they often ask us back to carry out other projects so we have a good client base including landlords and letting agents along with house owners.

Making sure that your home is in good repair is vital to maintaining the quality of your property. At Latten Building Projects Ltd can complete any maintenance and refurbishing work, this includes completing any repairs on patios, restoring furniture or giving your walls a fresh lick of paint. It is important that you regularly perform checks and general maintenance work on your property in order to save you money. It is far cheaper, for example, to have a someone inspect and perform any repair work on your guttering once a year, rather than having to replace your entire guttering every few years.

If you are looking for a professional building and maintenance company in Pond Lane, Hertfordshire and Essex, then look no further than Latten Building Projects Ltd. Give us a call on 07973714098 to see what we can do for you.

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Latten Building Projects Ltd have been providing the residents of Essex with professional building services for over 35 years.