Latten Building Projects Ltd Privacy Policy

Latten Building Projects Ltd is fully committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal data we hold.

Any personal information provided to or gathered by Latten Building Projects Ltd will only be used to provide the services requested i.e. telephone numbers and address to provide an estimate and carry out work if requested.

We will never share your personal information with others for commercial gain or in ways that you would not reasonably expect of us.

We monitor and regularly delete information and data that we hold where we reasonably consider this to be no longer required for any legitimate purpose.

Where we are able to fulfil a request to delete your personal information we will fulfil that request, unless there is some other obligation to which we are subject requiring us to retain your data in which case we will retain it only for so long as is necessary to meet that obligation.

We use the information gained to keep in contact with you and to provide relevant information about our services.

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Latten Building Projects Ltd have been providing the residents of Essex with professional building services for over 35 years.